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General Information for Parents


SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs & Disability Information, Advice & Support Service)

Formerly Dudley Parent Partnership Service.

The new service is for parents with children with (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities(SEND) and also for young people  up to 25 years of age with SEND.

I will be posting below Information for Parents  Including  Changes to Special Educational needs and Parent Workshops.


SEND Information for Parents

Special Educational Needs and Disabiltiy Provision

At Kates Hill Community Primary School we believe that all children should have equal access to a broad and balanced education. They should be provided with opportunities which will encourage them to develop to their full potential. All staff are involved in the early identification of children who are experiencing particular difficulties , we provide individual or group support including targeted interventions and  specialist advise . Support is sought from outside agencies if required. Additional resources are purchased to support the learning of Identified children.

A register of children who require additional support is produced and maintained by the Inclusion Support Manager Mrs M Hollis.

Parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns regarding their child’s progress , medical or social, emotional needs with their class teacher or Mrs Hollis. Parents are kept informed of the provisions in place for their child and are encouraged to support any Individual Education or Behaviour Plans in place and  to contribute to any reviews about their child’s progress.

The school website provides information for parents related to SEND(Special Educational Needs and Disabilities).A full copy of the SEND policy is also available.

Children with Disabilities

Kates Hill Community Primary School endeavours to ensure that pupils with disabilities receive appropriate support to enable them to access the school curriculum and play an active part in the life of the school. Support is provided by teaching assistants and by specialist outside agency support staff for pupils who have learning difficulties  or physical or sensory needs these may include(Visual/Hearing impairment Service, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy , Speech and Language therapy, Educational Psychologist, Learning Support Service).

Children who have Emotional, Behaviour and Social difficulties   receive support from the school’s Learning Mentor Miss Owen.

Gifted And Talented

Kates Hill may have at any time, talented or gifted pupils, some of whom may be exceptionally able and this may be in one or more areas of learning.

We believe that we can make a difference in enabling these pupils to achieve the greatest possible progress and recognise the value and importance of identifying and celebrating their achievements and successes.

Where a child is gifted or talented in one or more areas, they will be supported with high expectations and planning within the classroom.Teachers should seek to use a variety of techniques and strategies to provide for the ‘gifted’ child.

Provision within School

  • Planning a differentiated curriculum with a balance of whole class, group   and individual teaching.
  • Restructuring class organisation or pupil grouping, e.g. setting, streaming, moving to a higher year group.
  • Setting differentiated homework.
  • Differentiation through pace, task, dialogue, support, outcome, resource, content and/or responsibility.
  • Planning a variety of extension and enrichment activities.
  • Outside agencies or secondary schools may be contacted to provide these pupils with more opportunity to pursue work at their own level.

Changes to SEND Sept 14


The SENCo is currently Mr Waterfield: or ring on 01384 818700

Special Needs is also co-ordinated by Mrs Hollis as part of her role as Inclusion Support Manager. or ring on 01384 818707


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