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Meet the Staff

Mrs K Harvey: Headteacher

Miss J Matthews: Deputy Headteacher; English Lead

Mr L Waterfield:  Assistant Headteacher; Mathematics Lead

Mr D Cox: Assistant Headteacher; Behaviour Lead

Mrs M Hollis: Inclusion Support Manager (SEN)

Mr L Waterfield: SENCO

Ms M Ward: Early Years Phase Leader

Mrs Bloomer:  KS1 Phase Leader

Ms E Davies: Years 3 & 4 Phase Leader

Mr K Orchard: Years  5 & 6 Phase Leader

Mrs Adamson: Teacher

Mrs Baldwin: Teacher

Mrs N Basra

Mrs Bloomer: Teacher

Mrs Donnelly: Teacher

Ms Gupta: Teacher

Miss Hall: Teacher

Mrs May: Teacher

Miss K Miller

Miss Millward: Teacher

Mrs Mundy: Teacher

Mr Orchard: Teacher

Miss Rollason: Teacher

Mrs Sandall: Teacher

Mrs Subhan: Teacher

Miss While: Teacher

Mrs Jordan: ICT Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Phillips: Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr Astley: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Azmat: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bennett-Jones: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Checkley: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Downes: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dwyer: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Fowkes: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Harvey: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Horan: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lawton: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nazneen: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Percox: Teaching Assistant

Mr Ridge: Teaching Assistant; Forest School

Mrs Roberts: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wagstaff: Teaching Assistant

Miss Westwood: Teaching Assistant

Mrs  Wiltshire: Teaching Assistant

Mr Joshua: Pastoral/Sports Instructor

Miss Owen: Learning Mentor

Mr Croghan: Learning Mentor

Mrs Vadvha: Home School Link Worker

Mr Johnson: Assistant Site Manager

Mrs Clarke: School Business Manager

Mrs Drake: Office Manager

Mrs Bishop: Clerical Assistant

Miss Fletcher: Clerical Assistant

Mrs Roberts: Finance Officer

Miss Davies: Catering Manager

Mrs Dunkley: Catering Assistant

Mrs  Jabar: Catering Assistant

Mrs Peverell: Catering Assistant

Miss Ali: Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Gennard: Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Guest: Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Javed: Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Jones: Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Bi: Cleaning Staff

Mrs Guest: Cleaning Staff

Mrs Karadia: Cleaning Staff

Miss Panchal: Cleaning Staff

Mrs Panesar: Cleaning Staff