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Letters and Newsletters

Letters 2020-2021

Headteacher-End of Term Letter 20.07.2021

Dudleys CYPT - Programmes for Children as Part of the Covid Recovery Plan

Miss Millward-Sports Day 17.06.2021

Headteacher-Term letter 08.06.2021

Headteacher-End of Term Letter 28.05.2021

Headteacher - School Closure May Voting Day 27.04.2021

Covid-19 Risk Assessment Updated April 2021

Online Newsletter 01.04.2021

DMBC - Director of Public Health 26.03.2021

Lateral Flow Test for Households... 15.03.2021

Covid-19 Risk Assessment updated March 2021

March 8th Return of Pupils 26.02.2021

Local Authority -  Covid-19 Risk Assessment for Education Outcomes Peripatetic Staff

Online Newsletter 12.02.2021

Half Term Letter from Headteacher  12.02.2021

Covid-19 Premium Catch up February 2021

Covid-19 Risk Assessment updated January 21

Dudley School Nursing Service; Newsletter January 2021

Dudley Learning Support Service: Supporting Schools in Supporting Pupils - 11.01.2021

Dudley Educational Psychology Service; Mental Health Links for Parents - 11.01.2021

Dudley Educational Psychology Service; Coronavirus Anxiety for Parents - 11.01.2021

Dudley Educational Psychology Services; Mental Health Support for Parents and YP - 11.01.2021

Final Help Information; support for families who are struggling DMBC

Covid 19 Risk Assessment updated 15.12.2020

Headteacher Letter School Reopen 25.11.2020

Headteacher Letter School Closure 15.11.20

Reactivating Learning - Association for Physical Education 13.11.2020Headteacher Letter - Termination of funding for the LLMAT 06.11.2020

Headteacher Letter for Parents 22.10.2020 - Urgent Advise for October Half Term

Covid-19 Risk Assessment updated 21.10.2020

Headteacher Letter to Parents 20.10.2020

Covid-19 A Quick Guide For Parents October 2020

Risk Assessment Return to School Reviewed 29th September 2020

Headteacher Letter to Parents 25th September 2020

Autumn Parent Consultation Letter 23rd September 2020

DMBC Letter to Parents 17th September 2020

Breakdown of RSE Topics 11th September 2020

Public Health - Parent Information

Risk Assessment Return to School Reviewed 7th September 2020

Headteacher Letter to Parents Important information 4th Sept 2020