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Medium Term Plans


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AP 2

Nursery | Reception  |Year 1| Year 2 | Year 3 Year 4 | Year 5 | Year 6

AP 1

EYFS   |   Year 1   |   Year 2   |   Year 3   |   Year 4   | Year 5   |   Year 6

Knowledge Organisers


EYFS |   Year 1  |   Year 2   | Year 3 | Year 4 | Year 5 | Year 6

AP 2

Nursery | Reception | Year 1| Year 2Year 3 | Year 4 | Year 5 |   Year 6

AP 1

EYFS   |   Year 1   |   Year 2   |   Year 3   |   Year 4   |   Year 5   |  Year 6

Kates Hill Curriculum Promise/Intent

A curriculum that inspires a love of lifelong learning and that develops citizens of the future; who are inquisitive, motivated and independent and prepared for life’s challenges.

We strive for a curriculum that:

  • Inspires all involved
  • Pupil Centred
  • Opens doors and caters for all types of learners
  • Challenges all pupils
  • Creates world class citizens of the future
  • A curriculum that develops proud traditions
  • Develops a love of learning to promote lifelong learning
  • Develops well rounded individuals with skills they will need for life
  • Is relevant to their backgrounds and faiths
  • Is meaningful and purposeful
  • Is rich in opportunities for language, reasoning and dialogue
  • That develops independence, questioning and thinking skills
  • A curriculum that is rich in experiences and opportunities that widen horizons
  • Allows pupils opportunities to practice and repeat taught knowledge and skills to embed understanding.
  • That shares cultural identity and brings communities together

Key drivers for our curriculum

The KATES Hill curriculum is to be ‘’a positive, purposeful experience where children can go on a journey of awe and wonder through a sequence of learning that is real and personal’’ KH (2019) Some of our key drivers to having relevant/topic based learning in both key stages in some form  are to improve:

Kates Hill use the learning loop teaching sequence method to ensure the above key components of learning are at the heart of pupil engagement, fostering a love of learning.

Non-negotiable elements within our curriculum timetable:

  • Literacy driven
  • Progressive/building on previous learning
  • Values Led
  • Fun, focused, hands on learning, giving pupils chance to explore
  • Clear input in numeracy
  • WOW in – WOW out ( A HOOK)
  • Encourage Mantle of the Expert through enterprising
  • Reading focus
  • SMSC recognition
  • Range and in-depth questioning
  • Challenge
  • Basic skills development
  • Formative and Summative Assessment

Every teacher teaches a daily basic skills lesson focusing on arithmetic (number and calculation), VIPERS and Guided Reading/Story telling. In EYFS/Year 1 the shared reading approach is used alongside systematic phonics to support early reading.

Through the curriculum Kates Hill teaches RE, supports daily worship, Relationships Education, ‘’Jigsaw PSHE’’ and PE. Year4 embark on swimming lessons.

All foundation subjects are covered through curriculum topics, with breadth and depth.

We follow the Ruth Miskin Read, Write, Inc systematic phonics programme. This is taught in small groups daily. This is in partnership with the English Hub through DFE funding to promote and improve phonics results and strengthen the teaching of phonics through the school. The pilot project will also focus on improving reading progress and PSED in Reception.

We have specialist teachers from Dudley Performing Arts Company who teach a wide variety of instruments whilst providing musical enrichment to all. Pupils are provided with a plethora of opportunities to perform at concerts, events, music competitions and support the community.

Kates Hill has subscribed for online access at home and school to Education City, Britannica School, Cybercoach, Bug Club, MyMaths, and Little Bridge. We encourage access to the Internet through ‘RMUnify’ which offers a safer on-line environment for our children.

A clear focus on Safeguarding/SMSC/Mental Health features throughout our curriculum, with numerous opportunities to learn about real life agendas happening in the community and beyond. Our commitment to providing Values based education is evident across school.

Pupils engage in numerous leadership opportunities through Head Boy/Girl, Peer Supporters, Anti Bullying Ambassadors, Values Ambassadors and School Council Representatives. These are treated seriously and impact greatly on the educational outcomes for all our pupils.

Kates Hill intent is to develop communication friendly spaces, fostering oracy and the love of reading, whilst focusing on holistic benefits to support pupil welfare.