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Newsletter Thursday 1st April

Have a wonderful break, Happy Easter. Artwork created by Riad in Year 3.


Congratulations to Mrs Baldwin, she is having a baby girl we send you lots of good wishes to you and your new baby girl.



Could you please make sure:-

that you arrive at school and pick up your children at the correct time. 

that children bring everything with them at the start of the day, lunch boxes, P.E. kits, Forest School clothing, so that our office staff do not have to cross bubbles.

What have we  been doing in school?

Easter Baskets

We have been making beautiful Easter baskets in Reception, we decorated them and put in bunnies or chicks we used shredded colour paper for a nest.

Riddle me, riddle me, what is that?

Year 2 have been very busy reading and writing riddles, here are a few that they have written by Hira, Kwaish and Akira, can you guess the answers to the riddles?

What am I?

I have a pocket and I like to jump.
I have long ears. I can have a baby, which goes in my pocket.
I live in the wild.
What am I?

What am I?

I am green.
Sometimes I am different colours,
It depends on the season.
People step on me, not all the time.
What am I?

What am I?

I am very colourful
I am taller than trees and flowers.
I have clouds, I have seven colours on me.
I start from the ground and go up high.

Have fun finding out the answers to our riddles.


Year 3 have been making skeletons.

Making Skeletons

Making Skeletons

Happy Easter From year 3

Happy Easter