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Newsletter 12.02.2021

Half Term Letter from Headteacher  12.02.2021

Mrs Harvey is so proud of everyone, the learning has been amazing, please have a look at some of the work the children and teachers have been doing below.

Remote Learning

We have done some remote learning analysis for the whole school. Everyone is doing so well so a big thank you to all the teachers, support staff, parents/ carers and pupils for all of your hard work. 

We are up to 90% of pupils from Reception up to Year 6 accessing learning remotely whether that be online (74%), in school (13%) or through home learning packs (19%). 89% of our disadvantaged pupils are working remotely and 91% of our SEN pupils are too which is fantastic! We will be looking at contacting the 10% who are still not accessing learning in order to support them further, but this is a great achievement. This will continue after half term and we will be taking daily registers to ensure that as many pupils as possible are keeping up with the curriculum and not falling behind. 

We have also opened our nursery a few weeks ago and the children are very much enjoying being taught in a slightly different setting and having new teachers to support them. Well done all nursery staff and pupils. 

We know it hasn't been easy, but everyone is really pulling together- thank you all! 

Have a look at what we have been learning below...

Year 1

We have some phonics, maths, geography and science/DT, we also have some activities from Mental Health Week.

example 1

example 2

example map

example 4

example 5

example 6

fact file 1

fact file 2

fact file 3

Map 1

map 2

Map 3

Year 2

We have been very busy... Do you know what you need to be able to survive?

Photo 1

Year 2 Photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 7

Year 3

Coming Soon...

Year 4

Here is a sample of the learning we have been doing including; and Islamic Prayer mat for R.E. Instructional writing, storyboard, transport, science and mindful colouring.


Year 4 -2

Prayer Mat Year 4

Year 4 - Story board

Year 4 Transport

Year 4 - 6

Year 4 Mindful colouring

Year 5

Coming soon...

Year 6

We have been making bird feeders in year 6

Year 6 Bird Feeders

Nursery and Reception



Nursery Photo 3

Reception Photo 6

Reception Photo 2


Reception photo 1

Reception Photo 4

Reception Photo 3

Reception Photo 5