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  • Merry Christmas 2020

    Published 14/12/20

    Enjoy our alternative Nativity from KS1 and Early Years...

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  • Imortant Message from Local Authority

    Published 19/11/20

    COVID-19 cases are continuing to soar in Dudley, and now the borough has the highest figures in the West Midlands.

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  • Full School Closure

    Published 15/11/20

    School will be closed Monday 16th November 2020 for two weeks. School will reopen Monday 30th November 2020. 

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  • Happy Diwali

    Published 13/11/20

    Happy Diwali

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  • Ancient Greeks

    Published 16/10/20

    A hoplon - "I  made this with my grandad."

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  • Hello Kates Hill

    Published 11/05/20




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  • Children's Work Gallery 01.05.2020

    Published 04/05/20

    Thank you for sending in your lovely work this week.

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  • Children's Work Gallery 24.04.2020

    Published 24/04/20

    Here is some of the work that you have been sending to your teachers.

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  • Book Quiz 16.03.2020

    Published 02/04/20


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